ISiCO combines years of expertise, sound knowledge, first-class consulting and a heart for innovation. With our high degree of specialisation, we can assist you with your innovative digitalisation projects, process optimisation or when implementing an efficient data protection management system. You can appoint us as your external data protection officers or we will support your in-house data protection department. No matter where we can help you, one thing always matters to us: we want you to win. Let us work together to develop your tailor-made strategy for now and tomorrow.



We advise you on all data protection issues, across all industries and in the depth and scope you need. Whether strategies, GDPR implementation, auditing or the appointment of external data protection officers – with us, your data protection matters are in the best hands.


Privacy Tech Solutions

Our smart privacy solution platform caralegal is a web-based software solution that makes it possible to manage data protection across your entire company simply and efficiently – regardless of company structure and size.



We share our extensive data protection expertise with you – by offering courses on our e-learning platform that have been optimised from a learning psychology perspective. Enjoy yourself from start to finish as you acquire valuable data protection expertise for your company.


  • Cybersecurity and data protection: Challenges for companies

    What should be done when a cyber attack occurs? What can cybersecurity look like in the company? Read more now!

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  • Rights of the data subject under the GDPR: An overview

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has resulted in significant changes in the area of data subjects’ rights. What do companies have to consider?

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  • New EDPB guidelines on the right of access: How companies can provide information in a legally compliant manner

    In this article, we present these guidelines and provide companies with valuable practical advice on how to proceed with a request for information.

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