We help organisations to achieve lasting, integrative and sustainable growth – in data protection and thus across the board. We are trusted by renowned companies from business and industry, international associations as well as institutions from strictly regulated sectors. We work closely with our clients to ensure their business success tomorrow today. And we always have one eye firmly on the future. Since 2011, we have combined in-depth industry knowledge with strategic consulting and professional excellence. Our approach to data protection considers the bigger picture. ISiCO Data Consulting, ISiCO Privacy Tech Solutions and ISiCO Campus are the three pillars on which we build for you. Excellent data protection consulting? It’s what we do – and we go one step further with our innovative software solutions for your data protection management and state-of-the-art e-learning services for your employees and managers.

When it comes to long-term success, data-based companies are in the best hands with us. They and we benefit from our strong, interdisciplinary team and network. What does this mean for them? Fresh ideas, swift responses and effective ways of working. At the same time, we continuously hire new and exceptional team members who, like us, are passionate about the core areas of data protection, compliance and auditing, who grow with us and continue to make ISiCO the first port of call for clear and goal-oriented data protection solutions and strategies. Diversity is a decisive factor here and, along with equality of opportunity and inclusion, one of the elementary components of our corporate culture. We believe that you can only do a good job if you are passionate about what you do and always willing to go the extra mile for it – and we most certainly are. We are ISiCO and we’re the experts!



We advise you on all data protection issues, across all industries and in the depth and scope you need. Whether strategies, GDPR implementation, auditing or the appointment of external data protection officers – with us, your data protection matters are in the best hands.


Privacy Tech Solutions

Our smart privacy solution platform caralegal is a web-based software solution that makes it possible to manage data protection across your entire company simply and efficiently – regardless of company structure and size.



We share our extensive data protection expertise with you – by offering courses on our e-learning platform that have been optimised from a learning psychology perspective. Enjoy yourself from start to finish as you acquire valuable data protection expertise for your company.


  • Joint controller agreement: Benefits and challenges of joint controllership

    The Joint Controller Agreement (JCA) still seems complicated and cumbersome to many managers in practice. But wrongly so: with the careful design of the agreement, responsible companies can benefit from many advantages, achieve efficiency gains through forward-looking process design and operate a corresponding effective risk management.


  • The NIS 2 Directive: Key objectives and regulations

    Last December, the European Council and the European Parliament adopted the Network and Information Security Directive (NIS 2 Directive), thus initiating a reform of the legal requirements for IT security in the European area. After coming into force on 2023-01-16, Germany and the other EU member states now have 21 months to transpose the regulations…


  • Anonymisation and pseudonymisation

    Anonymisation and pseudonymisation in practice

    In this article, we look at how the supposed contradiction between data protection through pseudonymisation and the use of personal data in scientific practice can be dealt with. In addition, we take a look at the special challenges that actors in the health care sector face in this topic.



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