Data protection for retail & E-Commerce

In retail, and particularly in e-commerce, a wide range of transactions take place every day, and customer data is requested almost constantly. Companies need to protect this data. With our expertise in data protection and information security, we can help your business promote and sell in a compliant manner. You focus on trading and selling - we focus on protecting your data and that of your customers.

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Tailored solutions for retail & E-Commerce

At the same time, customers and users are becoming increasingly sensitive about the disclosure of such data. All too often, personal data is misused, unlawfully used for advertising purposes or passed on to third parties. Managing data privacy is therefore essential for retail and E-Commerce companies to avoid legal consequences and maintain customer trust.

We can help you with all the business, IT and privacy challenges you face. These can be many and varied:

  • Preparation of group data protection contracts (intercompany agreements)
  • Data portability requirements
  • Preparation of erasure and archiving policies
  • Drafting order processing contracts and registers of processing activities
  • Privacy through technology design
  • Developing information security management systems
  • Developing anonymisation and pseudonymisation policies

Your benefits when you choose ISiCO:

  • Extensive retail and E-Commerce consulting experience
  • Highly specialised and industry-specific expertise
  • Practical approach and tailored solutions that combine the tried and tested with innovation
  • Digital and location-independent consulting - onsite or in our offices in Berlin, Cologne and Munich, if required

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Trust through security: Our expertise for your retail & C-Commerce success

ISiCO's IT and legal experts can help you turn regulatory requirements to your advantage and make compliance part of your business model. Put your trust in us and our expertise in dealing with retail & e-commerce!

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Your strategy for the best protection

The basis of every good business relationship is trust. Strengthen the relationship with your customers with our expertise in data protection and information security. This will give your company a strong competitive advantage and allow you to concentrate fully on your business.

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