Data protection and IT security consulting for Human Resources

Human Resources processes large amounts of personal data and special categories of personal data of current or former employees and applicants.

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Data protection and IT security in Human Resources: tailored consulting solutions for your personal data

In the personnel file, all personal data from names and addresses to marital status and certificates are recorded. Application documents already contain a wealth of data, and throughout the employment relationship, new data such as sick notes or certificates of incapacity for work are continuously added. These personal data and information must be particularly protected. This is regulated by the GDPR and the BDSG. General data protection principles such as the purpose limitation principle are also particularly relevant in human resources.

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We support you with all challenges of information security and data protection. These can be diverse:

  • Correct legal basis for data processing
  • Special requirements for obtaining employee consent for data processing
  • Creation of a digital personnel file
  • Applicant management
  • Use of cloud services
  • Employment of headhunters and job portals
  • Handling of special categories of personal data (e.g., employee health data)
  • Need-to-know principle: Establishment of an authorization concept
  • Documentation obligations: Maintaining an onboarding/offboarding list
  • Data portability in employment relationships
  • Creation of deletion and archiving concepts
  • (Digital) time tracking
  • Development of a data protection-compliant whistleblower system
  • Adaptation or creation of company agreements with data protection relevance

Your benefits when you choose ISiCO:

  • Many years of consulting experience in human resources
  • Highly specialized and industry-specific expert knowledge
  • Practical approach and tailored solutions that combine the best of tradition and innovation
  • Digital and location-independent consulting – if desired, also on-site at your location or in our offices in Berlin, Cologne, and Munich

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Data protection and IT security in the HR sector: expert consulting for the secure handling of sensitive data

The legal and IT security experts at ISiCO develop concepts and compliance guidelines with you and advise you on all levels of data handling. Additionally, we conduct data protection training for your employees and works councils. Rely on us and our expertise in data protection and information security in the HR sector!

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The basis of every good business relationship is trust. Strengthen the relationship with your customers with our expertise in data protection and information security. This will give your company a strong competitive advantage and allow you to concentrate fully on your business.

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