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We offer you a comprehensive data protection audit solution tailored specifically to your individual requirements and the needs of your business, minimizing any disruption to your operations. Our experienced team of data protection consultants is here to assist you. Whether you handle sensitive health, financial, or customer data, we will work closely with you to develop a customized data protection audit that helps you identify and mitigate data protection risks.

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Data protection compliance audit procedures: Customised and successful

Our data protection audits - from GDPR quick checks, maturity assessments and service provider checks to TOM, software or GDPR audits - are tailored to your industry- and company-specific requirements. They include audit planning, audit execution, and analysis and reporting of results. We aim to minimise the effort and disruption to your business.

Quick Check: Quick and easy review of your data protection compliance

With our efficient GDPR Quick Check, we offer you a quick and easy way to get an overview of the current state of data protection compliance in your company or organisation. Our experts use proven methodologies to assess your data protection structures and identify potential gaps. This includes an individual review of selected areas, such as HR, marketing and website, according to your preferences.

The aim is to address the core issues of the GDPR and identify relevant areas and sets of actions. Our focus is not on a detailed mapping of processes, but on a targeted search for areas that merit a closer look. Through interviews and a random review of available documents, our team will capture the structure of your organisation and document the identified problem areas in a detailed audit report. As a result, you will receive an action plan tailored to your organisation's specific needs, outlining the next steps to be taken to mitigate risk and improve compliance.

With our comprehensive GDPR audit, we help your organisation to fully comply with and implement the General Data Protection Regulation. We don't just examine individual data protection-relevant processes, but your entire GDPR compliance. Our aim is to provide you with an expert overview of the specific data protection requirements, thus creating a basis for the development of long-term data protection strategies.

Through a structured analysis of your organisation's data processing processes, we lay the foundation for the development of long-term data protection strategies. We review data protection contracts, internal policies and processes for compliance and help you define appropriate measures to ensure your legal compliance. We then create an implementation plan for data protection measures and ensure that they are effectively integrated into your business from start to finish.

TOM Audit: Data protection compliance and secure data processing

The analysis of your technical and organisational measures (TOM) as part of our TOM audit is key to ensuring data protection compliance in your organisation. To meet the requirements of the GDPR, we support you in implementing the right technical and organisational measures. Our goal is to make your data processing secure and compliant quickly and effectively. Our TOM audit gives you peace of mind.

We work with you to define the scope and identify the critical data processing activities and the people responsible for them. We review documentation, conduct tailored interviews and determine the current state of TOM in your organisation. Based on this analysis, we update the existing TOM and recommend effective measures to meet all the requirements of Article 32 GDPR.

Software Compliance Check: Ensure the safe use of your software solutions

Our comprehensive Software Compliance Check ensures data protection security. The safe and GDPR-compliant use of software - whether off-the-shelf (e.g. Salesforce or MS365), specialist or bespoke - is critical for any business in our digitalised world. Our data protection consultancy provides clarity. With customised software audits and solutions, we ensure that you can use your software securely and in compliance with data protection laws.

We offer not only a thorough review of your software, but also the creation of a detailed action plan tailored to your individual needs. This includes helping you to develop and implement an effective Data protection management system (DPMS) and to implement MS365 or other cloud systems in a data protection compliant manner.

Data Protection Management Maturity Analysis: For your optimised DPMS

We specialise in analysing and optimising the maturity of your Data Protection Management System (DPMS). Through a comprehensive audit of your DPMS, including personal interviews and document reviews, we focus on both the functionality and structural composition of your data protection management and specific processes.

We identify weaknesses and gaps that need to be optimised, and help you to continuously improve and develop your DPMS to ensure long-term effectiveness and compliance. This is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. We also develop strategic approaches to promote data governance within your organisation. Whether company-wide or department-specific, our experts can help you with all GDPR-related issues and strengthen your data protection.

Service provider check: Ensuring privacy compliant collaboration

To ensure that your collaboration with external service providers is data protection compliant, we offer a comprehensive Service Provider Check. We help you select data protection-compliant service providers, protect your business through legally compliant contracts, and provide comprehensive legal and technical advice on contract and service provider management.

We look at both your current and future service providers, ensuring that you can easily comply with all legal requirements relating to service providers. Through careful audits, either digital or onsite, we help you meet your control obligations under GDPR. We also review data flows to third countries, implement the necessary legal and technical measures, conclude Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) with your service providers and prepare a Transfer Impact Assessment (TIA) as part of our services.

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