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Whether a hacker attack or the loss of customer data – data protection incidents can happen quickly. We are available for you around the clock in case of an emergency and will support you at any time with all the necessary steps to be taken and the right way to deal with data breaches.

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Has your company experienced a data protection incident – due to a loss of data, a cyberattack or unlawful data processing? Don’t panic! We are always there for you. Our data protection taskforce will swiftly initiate a process that allows you to assess the incident and, if mandatory, report it to the competent authority within the specified 72-hour period.

We will identify the risk to the rights and freedoms of data subjects, take precautions to put a stop to data breaches, and develop your individual communication strategy. Do you require IT support due to the complexity of the incident? Here, too, you can count on us. And since the key to data security lies in preventive measures to stop data breaches from happening in the first place, a final analysis of your data protection incident and the establishment of preventive measures are also part of our service. Good preparation is the key to being able to react better and with appropriate communication strategies in an emergency.

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ISiCO’s data protection experts understand what counts when dealing with data protection incidents and are always on hand for you in an emergency. You can rely on our expertise.

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