Employee data protection and HR 4.0

Do you hope to manage your employee relations with digital processes and solutions in the future? Or do you have questions about particularly sensitive data such as your employees’ sick notes, medical certificates, payroll accounting or performance evaluations? We will help you with all kinds of issues involving employee data protection and your modern HR processes.

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Together we will align your plan for all (digital) matters concerning your employees with data protection requirements and answer all your questions about employee data protection. This affects many areas of working life and constantly poses new challenges – but you can trust our expertise in this sensitive sub-area of data protection law. We will work out with you what to bear in mind in the event of access requests from your staff, what new pandemic-related labour law challenges might be on the horizon, or how digital payroll accounting can take off some of the pressure.

We will also support you in revising your organisational structures so that you can respond to unforeseen HR-related challenges quickly, flexibly, and agilely. We can check modern HR software to ensure that it complies with data protection requirements and will support you throughout the entire establishment process. In us, you have an expert partner for all the questions that your modern HR raises – from transparent performance monitoring to data protection-compliant 360-degree feedback.

Why choose ISiCO?

  • Preventative compliance: Together with you, we formulate rules of conduct and policies to protect your company from data protection infringements or even criminal offences
  • Pre-employment screening: Trustworthy personnel is one the keys to handling sensitive data – we support you in carrying out background checks in compliance with data protection law
  • Applicant management: We show you how to handle applicant data, how to build up an applicant pool in compliance with the law, and which tools you may use in the process
  • Personnel file: What belongs in a personnel file? What requirements do you need to meet? How long can I keep certain documents? What erasure periods apply?
  • Whistleblower system in compliance with data protection law: Establishing an effective whistleblower system is a true challenge with regard to data protection law – we know all the pitfalls
  • Inspection and evaluation of employee emails in compliance with data protection law: Sometimes, inspecting employees’ emails is necessary for investigations of legal infringements or even criminal offences – employee data protection, however, sets strict limits on what can be done
  • Repressive compliance: It is essential to act correctly if a criminal offence is committed in your company – we show you how to prepare for any emergency and, as required, work with you to create a crisis plan
  • Rights of data subjects: We support you in upholding the rights of data subjects and replying to requests from your employees – how far does the right of access go?
  • Review use of digital tools: Tools for feedback, applicant management, recruitment tests, the use of AI in selecting applicants, and assessment centre tests
  • Works council: We support you in correctly involving your works council
  • Outsourcing: Employee secondment in compliance with data protection law
  • Employees’ right of access: What does employees’ right of access cover? How do you need to provide the information?

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