Erasure and archiving policies

It is not only since the introduction of the GDPR that companies have been obliged to erase personal data. In view of the threat of high administrative fines, however, the importance of erasure periods with regard to the use of personal data has increased.

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The secure erasure of personal data that are no longer needed is particularly important from a data protection law perspective. And yet, only very few companies to date have implemented a coherent erasure and archiving policy.

Applying a professional erasure and archiving policy gives you a full overview of all important erasure periods. In addition, you then know exactly which data may be archived and under which circumstances, as well as how erasure is specifically to be carried out, ensuring compliance with the requirements of the GDPR and other applicable laws. This is very important when handling employee data.

Why choose ISiCO’s erasure and archiving policy?

  • We are happy to review your erasure and archiving policy to make sure it is correct and complete.
  • On request, we can also create and implement erasure and archiving policies specific to individual departments, companies, or entire groups.
  • This is preceded by data mapping in the system, on the basis of which we first categorise your data.

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