AI and big data projects

Many AI applications and big data solutions require large amounts of personal data if they are to fulfil their purposes correctly. This raises questions regarding the development and deployment of such solutions in compliance with data protection law.

Data are the fundamental elements of all artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Back in 2012, each person generated 500 MB of data per day; by 2025, that figure will have increased to 60 GB per person and day. This remarkable increase in data and their potential for use must now be set against the demanding regulatory environment of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With the GDPR, the European legislature has created the basis for the viable future development of data-driven business models in the European internal market. As the use of artificial intelligence may imply substantial risks to the rights and freedoms of data subjects, the GDPR places strict requirements on the extensive, automated processing of personal data.

In addition to creating the basis of trust required for sustainable growth, this legal framework also produces standard competitive conditions that companies must learn to make the most of. In order to combine the objectives of data protection and growth promotion, the GDPR contains numerous regulatory incentives that reward business and IT processes with privacy-friendly designs by making it easier to meet the requirements.

We support your company as early as the design stage and guide you through the development and production stage with our expertise in this rapidly changing market, helping you to save money, achieve your objectives faster, and take full advantage of the level playing field created by the GDPR.

Already on the home straight of your project? We can also review your existing AI and big data projects for compliance with data protection law.

Benefit from these services:

Data risk management

  • Data protection impact assessment: support in carrying out and documenting data protection impact assessments
  • Data security: support in selecting technical and organisational measures for risk minimisation (TOMs audits)
  • Guidelines: creation of internal guidelines for the purpose of meeting data protection accountability requirements
  • Pseudonymisation and anonymisation policies: we create legally compliant pseudonymisation and anonymisation policies so that you can use as much data as possible for your project with minimum effort
  • Workshops: we make your employees aware of the requirements for handling personal data (especially developer teams)
  • Communication with public authorities: we handle your communications with the authorities

Data governance and data management

  • Data governance: support in developing access policies, central data repositories (data lakes), and ETL processes
  • Data discovery and data exploration: we support you in building and documenting databases so that your data are always of the required quality
  • Requests from data subjects: support in replying to requests from data subjects (especially regarding right of access and right to erasure)
  • AI outsourcing: support in selecting suitable service providers and in concluding contracts (especially processing contracts)

Data business and strategy

  • Open data use policies: legally compliant definition of your AI objectives, expectations, and intended uses, so that you easily account for future use types and long-term storage strategies – this includes the drafting of contracts and wording of declarations of consent
  • Design of development processes: during the design of development processes, we assist you in meeting the principle of “privacy by design”, thereby helping to prevent additional costs later on
  • AI development standards: we see to an appropriate selection of certifications to ensure that your customers have full confidence in your company

Numerous legal requirements and standards must be adhered to for your company to grow sustainably in the fields of AI and big data. Trust in the extensive experience of our data protection and IT experts to make your project fully compliant with the law. Rely on our expertise and our in-house development experience, and benefit from direct communication, short development cycles, and a hands-on mentality.

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