Data protection expert opinion

In business environments, the questions often arises as to whether a new project complies with data protection regulations. With a data protection expert opinion from ISiCO, however, you’re on the safe side.

Want to launch a new product? Planning to use new software for your works council? Not sure whether your new business model meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the German Federal Data Protection Act?
We examine your project from a data protection law perspective and provide you with an expert opinion. You can choose between our classic data protection expert opinion, intended exclusively for internal use, and a white paper solution, which you can publish on your website, for example, to boost your customers’ confidence in you.

Why choose ISiCO?

  • Evaluation of new products, new software, or new business models
  • Data protection expert opinion for internal use
  • On request: white paper solution for external use

A data protection expert opinion ensures that your project complies with legal requirements. Avoid unnecessary follow-on costs and place your trust in the experts at ISiCO. Our experienced legal and IT security experts can show you exactly what needs to be done to achieve GDPR compliance.

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