External Data Protection Officer

Specialised and experienced consultants are available to you as external data protection officers. They are available to you for any and all questions concerning data protection and data security. Our experts will aid your company in implementing the provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) and ensure that compliance is not only compliant today, but sustainable in the future. For many years, we have served medium-sized companies as well as larger firms with international operations.

Our team of attorney and IT specialist consultants respond to the individual needs and specifics of your company – paying special attention to what is right for you in terms of developing practical and legally-compliant privacy concepts. In choosing ISiCO, you will always have an expert managing your data protection needs. This ensures data protection, security and privacy at all levels.

The appointment of an external data protection officer provides your company with the following benefits:

  • An established, expert team of attorneys and IT consultants
  • Departments within your company, such as IT, Marketing and CRM benefit from our know-how; We advise you on current topics such aspersonalised customer approach, outsourcing, newsletter marketing or data analysis
  • Cost savings – we work flexibly according to your needs. There are no training costs for an internally-appointed data protection officer. The costs are clearly calculable.
  • No internal resources are utilised and conflicts of interest are negated
  • Thanks to flexible contract terms, you can switch the data protection officer within manageable periods. The enhanced protection against dismissal deadlines for internal data protection officer do not apply.
  • Our staff is available at short notice and suitable for all your needs

The duties of an external data protection officer include:

  • Development of common objectives such as the specification of necessary action and a time plan in order to establish legal compliance
  • Creation and maintenance of the legally-required internal and external process overviews
  • Implementation of prior vetting in order to ensure compliance to the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz)
  • Creation or revision of privacy policies, guidelines and company agreements
  • Direct communication with regulators
  • Legal support during the certification process
  • Organisation of training courses and relevant information for employees on the legally-compliant manner in which personal data must be handled
  • Verification of data protection agreements as well as the design of contracts for processing data with external service providers (particularly cloud providers); Ensuring compliance in all necessary tasks and areas
  • Consultation on data protection issues in specific areas, such as compliance with customer and co-worker disclosure and cancellation requirements as well as storing obligations; accompanies the client every step of the way during data protection processes
  • Advice on all aspects of employee data protection including but not limited to: personal files, on and offboarding, applicant management, email and internet usage by employees and group privacy

Working together with ISiCO’s team of expert consultants brings considerable benefits. ISiCO has years of experience, focuses on cost-effective solutions and has a multifaceted skill set.

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