Internal Data Protection Officer

We will support your internal data protection officer on all issues related to data protection and IT security. The attorneys and IT consultants at ISiCO are available to assist internal data protection officers in their daily work.

We assist your internal data protection officer with the following:

  • Documentation
  • Procedure indexes and overviews
  • Advice on complex legal topics
  • Management systems
  • Contracts with service providers (in particular: outsourcing / contract data processing)
  • Guidelines for handling data and company agreements

We manage communication between regulators and your company and assist in ensuring compliance with technical and organisational measures (TOM). We also accompany the internal data protection officer during certifications as well as assist in employee training or risk analysis. Rely on our know-how to best obtain data protection compliance.

Working together with ISiCO’s team of expert consultant brings considerable benefits. ISiCO has years of experience, focuses on cost-effective solutions and has a multifaceted skill set.

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