The essential steps

The experts at ISiCO analyse all data processing processes in your company to evaluate them from a legal perspective. First, we create a legal review of contracts, operating agreements, internal policies, data know-how and knowledge protection. Then, we analyse and identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities.

Risk Analysis – The Essential Steps

Current State
The ISiCO auditing process detects risks and vulnerabilities in relevant processes and provides a detailed overview of the current status of the company’s IT system’s privacy and security standards.

After an audit is completed, ISiCO consultants analyse and evaluate all processes in a legal and technical manner.

Action plan
ISiCO consultants then summarise the results of the analysis in a report that details your company’s current status as well as an accurate assessment of vulnerabilities and measures to be taken to eliminate said vulnerabilities. This report will become your company’s action plan. This action plan will contain recommendations for the next steps your company should take. These steps will be prioritised in regards to time and content. This detailed action plan allows our customers to eliminate any and all identified weaknesses and to optimise data protection-relevant processes.

Consultation and Implementation
The consultants at ISiCO will help your company implement its new action plan as well as IT security and data protection concepts.

ISICO Audits
ISiCO audits provide regular checks on existing data protection standards.

Benefits of our risk analysis and audits are:

  • Optimised and transparent operations
  • Know-how and knowledge protection
  • Minimising the risk of data migration
  • Added value through customer trust
  • Protection against data loss and misuse
  • Reduced liability risk management
  • Competitive advantage through customer trust
  • Legal compliance
  • Competent and motivated employees

By conducting early risk analysis, you actively create more transparency and guard against damage to the company through data breaches and liability risks.

Effective data protection gives both employees and customers a sense of safety and ensures the optimal operation of your company. Today, almost all company data is electronic. Fast access to information and easy transfer of data is certainly an advantage. However, there is also risk involved. If data protection is a new challenge facing your business, then conducting a thorough risk analysis is necessary as well as advantageous. If your company has already established individual privacy processes, risk analysis provides the foundation for long-term data protection strategies. This analysis is the basis for structured, safe organisation of data in your company.

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