According to the four steps of the PDCA model (plan, do, check, act), we will implement an efficient DPMS for you which is individually tailored to the needs of your company – regardless of structure and size. From defining responsibilities and optimising data protection processes, to fully integrating and training your departments and employees. This means you can always achieve an adequate level of data protection in your company, as you constantly improve corresponding measures and adapt them to changing conditions.

Dedicated DPMS software can make things even more straightforward, as it lets you centralise and automate data protection throughout your company. In the long term, this can be a way of improving processes as a whole and not only in data protection. Our caralegal data protection management software is an intuitive and intelligent way to manage data protection throughout your entire company. This ensures more transparency in data protection affairs and saves time through automated and legally excellent data protection and legal workflows.

Trust in our expertise and choose ISiCO. Whether you have already implemented optimisation procedures or not, we will help you to develop and roll out the necessary steps so that your company lives and breathes data protection.

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