Through TOM audits (technical and organisation measures), our experts evaluate the safety of critical systems and processes in your company. Necessary measures are carried out within the framework of comprehensive and sustainable management. We provide rapid solutions with minimal interferences to your company’s daily workflow.

Our IT experts conduct regular penetration tests (pentests) for well-known companies. These tests are used to identify security weaknesses in the company’s software from a hacker’s point of view. We know that every business is unique (with its own operating systems, patch levels, network structures, segmentation, access to other networks) and that there is nothing more important than a secure, solid foundation. This is why any risks we find are assessed both technically and legally in close coordination with your company’s management. In emergency situations, our experience “Incident Response” team will be available to you and provide a prompt resolution of the incident in question.

At ISiCO, every team consists of IT and legal experts. We guarantee the legal conformity of every aspect of our analysis. We know how crucial it is in times of crisis to have established personnel structures the respond correctly and rapidly.


Technical Safety Analysis

  • TOM audits
  • Penetration testing (Network reconnaissance, system selection, detailed analysis of operating systems, application software and function servers, wireless and network traffic analysis, war dialing, reverse engineering, web app analytics, etc.)
  • Digital forensics (log files analysis, media analysis, network activity analysis)

Employee Awareness

  • Social engineering phishing & simulation
  • Department-specific training
  • Security awareness measures

Risk and Crisis Management

  • Risk and threat assessments
  • Incident response (malware analysis, defense against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), 24-hour care)
  • Establishment and support of task forces
  • Providing crisis manuals

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