The implementation of data protection standards in all departments in which personal data is processed, as well as the requirements of the GDPR, play an important role in all areas. There are also more specific questions in the relevant sectors.

The experienced team of experts at ISiCO provides a strong, cross-industry consulting know-how. Our key topics are within the sectors of Ad-Tech, Finance, E-Commerce, HR, Energy, Internet of Things, Logistics, Mobility, Pharma & Health and Tourism.

Web tracking, online behavioral marketing, e-targeting, click-stream analyses etc. make it possible to address customers individually in the online area. The data protection advice on the use of Ad-Tech lies in the area of conflict between what is technically possible and what is legally permitted.
With the arrival of modern internet technologies in e-commerce, greater customer orientation is possible. However, the use of Ad-Tech as well as the analysis of Big Data entails new data protection challenges – in addition to the aforementioned, there are many other focus topics within e-commerce.
The energy industry demands increased requirements for data protection and data security – not least because of its great importance for the security of supply. The digitisation is of high significance with its new focus topics around smart data, smart energy and intelligent measurement systems.
A high level of IT security and data protection is essential, especially for the KRITIS sector of finance. Digitisation also plays an important role in this area, which with the Fintech branch involves new data protection requirements relating to blockchain, scoring, PSD2, consents and the prohibition of coupling.
The HR department is constantly in touch with sensitive data of employees or applicants and therefore has to comply with the legal requirements of data protection and IT security. Focus topics include the use of personal data in the cloud, employee data protection, international data transfers, the configuration of recruiting platforms and processes, collective agreements and the Working World 4.0.
Smart Home, Connected Cars, Wearables, blockchain etc.: In addition to new technologies, the Internet of Things also entails completely new risks in dealing with sensitive customer data and the IT security of the affected devices.
Highly efficient processes require a particularly elaborated data protection and IT security strategy. Important key topics in the logistics sector include GPS tracking and employee data protection law.
Information security plays an important role for all stakeholders in the mobility sector. E-mobility, connected cars, autonomous driving and car sharing: the progressing digitization and networking are increasingly changing the business models of the mobility industry, which is why the demands on IT security and data protection are significantly increasing.
Pharma & Health
In the health care sector, particularly sensitive data is processed, which is not only subject to the obligation of confidentiality, but also to complex data protection regulations. Increasing networking is also bringing new business models such as electronic patient files (EPA) or health apps, which makes a legally compliant data protection and IT security concept even more important – especially with regard to the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
The hotel industry works with personal data on a daily basis, the processing of which entails considerable data protection requirements. In addition, as a result of the increasing digitisation, the industry is becoming more and more dependent on efficient information technology systems and measures relating to the security of data processing. Digital tools include ibeacons, WLAN tracking, various apps and fingerprint.

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